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5 things you should know about Tayeb Bouzid

5 things you should know about Tayeb Bouzid

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Tayeb Bouzid is the illegitimate minister of higher education. Like his predecessors, he is responsible for destroying the Algerian university on a military order.
El Manchar writes his second article in English, after (the nudes sent to Queen Elizabeth) so that Tayeb Bouzid can understand. Here are 5 things you need to know about him:

He knows very well the alphabet in English

Tayeb Bouzid discovered on April 12, 2019 that the alphabet is the same in English as in French. He self-proclaims, English-speakin

He knows where Brian is

He says it himself, Tayeb Bouzid has so much control over Sheakspeare’s language that he can answer all the questions: even the famous exsitive question « where is Brian? » « In my ass » he has answered

Because of MBC Action

the minister began to adore English the day that TF1, the famous French channel, basixed in the paid mode. He had no other choice than MBC action to follow Van Dammes’s films. « I want our children to learn English at university to understand that Fuck you is not the translation of إذهب إلى الجحيم

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He calls  » OMATCHIBOBZ  » the famous title of the group Ace of Base.

Like all Algerians, Tayeb Bouzid still hums the most famous title of the 90s, All That She wants from the Swedish group Ace Of Base. However, despite his high level in English, he still calls him « OMATCHIBOBZ IZNET BAIBI »

The steering wheel of his car is on the right:

Lover of British culture, the Minister of Scientific Research has managed to change the directiion of his steering wheel. The latter is now on the right. But the pedals still left. A problem to drive safely

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